• Advanced Distributed Pilot Line
    for More-than-Moore Technologies

    a European cooperative research project

    ADMONT, a European cooperative research project, has officially started on 1st May 2015 with a set duration of 48 months. It receives funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking in cooperation with the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme as well as national organizations of Germany, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Hungary under grant agreement No 661796.

Welcome to ADMONT

The ADMONT – “Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies” project is focused on a powerful and versatile More-than-Moore (MtM) pilot line for Europe increasing the diversification of CMOS process technologies. The combination of existing expertise, technological capabilities and the manufacturing capacity of industrial and research partners creates a whole new ecosystem within Europe’s biggest silicon technology cluster “Silicon Saxony”. The distributed pilot line utilizes various MtM platform technologies for sensor and OLED processing in combination with baseline CMOS processes in a unique way and incorporates 2.5D as well as 3D integration of silicon systems into one single production flow.

The overall goal of ADMONT is to implement the distributed More-than-Moore pilot line for products and services based on a wide-ranging set of technologies or essential capability modules (ECM) not available within one manufacturing facility:

  • ADMONT is a multi-KEY pilot line driven by a combination of technology platforms in Dresden carried by industry and research institutes serving pilot line clients in Europe

  • ADMONT is organized along the value chain from wafer material, CMOS wafer, sensor and OLED processing to silicon system integration in one production flow

  • ADMONT is an ECS (European Electronics Components and Systems) ecosystem in Saxony for Europe with sustainable impact on economic growth and employment in the European Union

  • ADMONT addresses key applications: smart mobility, smart energy, smart health and smart production in excellent agreement with the ECSEL Multiannual Strategic Plan

  • ADMONT addresses essential capabilities: semiconductor process equipment and materials, design technology, smart system integration