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ADMONT - Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies

The pilot line is organized along the value chain from CMOS wafer processing with MtM 0.35μm high and ultrahigh voltage and integrated sensor technologies at X-FAB Dresden, sensor processing and sensor material development at FhG-IPMS Dresden, organic semiconductor materials and OLED processing at FhG-FEP and 2.5/3D silicon-system integration at FhG-ASSID.

The ADMONT pilot line includes prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting and silicon system integration between TRL4 and TRL8 (TRL = Technology Readiness Level). It is an open platform and one stop shop for single processes or technology modules or combinations from all capabilities for smart silicon system integration. The pilot line delivers typically data like process, in-line, SPC, quality, optical inspection, wafer maps, etc. ADMONT is working like an classical silicon foundry with subcontracting services between line partner.

IR thermopile arrays

The main development target in the field of IR array resp. matrix sensors is the performance improvement in respect of noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD), pixel size and pixel number as well as yield enhancement. Two main approaches for improved NETD which is also a precondition for smaller pixel sizes are under development in collaboration between Heimann Sensor, X-FAB and FhG-IPMS.


The True-Colour-Sensor technology combines in a single chip both – the optical sensors as well as the analog/digital signal processing. The verification of the sensor ASIC according to process steps and technology specification will be executed on a “LED based light cube” where colour, temperature and brightness are controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

MCz Crystal

The developed low oxygen content MCZ product will replace more expensive FZ wafers providing easier scalability to larger wafers. In order to differentiate in the markets the trade name A-MCZ™ has been applied in relevant market areas in December 2016. Also this material can be used in SOI wafer production in cases, where thick device layers need to have low doping level and be free of crystalline defects.

Cells sorting platform for diagnostic applications

ADMONT provides the most advanced instrument available in the market for image-based highly automated identification and digital isolation of rare single-cells with 100% purity; the platform and software developed provide a new level of automation to the technology, reducing cell recovery time and allowing trained lab technicians to work with a reduced and simplified interaction. These results, boosted by the related verification and certification work help transition the Lab-on-a-Chip from a product for Research Only Usage (RUO) purposes to a medical device that can be used in the diagnostic market for clinical applications.